B4608 - Translating the Lived Experience of Heatwaves into Policy Action - 14/05/2024

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Principal applicant name: 
Ulrika Maude | UoB
Dr Eunice Lo, Professor Kate Northstone, Professor Nic Timpson, Dr Jo Godwin
Title of project: 
Translating the Lived Experience of Heatwaves into Policy Action
Proposal summary: 

Climate change has increased how often we experience extreme weather events such as heatwaves. Being exposed to heatwaves can have a bad effect on our physical and mental health. People who live in cities will experience higher temperatures during a heatwave compared to those not living in a city. We will build on the work that we have already done in ALSPAC, where we asked participants about their experience of recent extreme weather events, to work with Bristol City Council to ask questions of people living in council housing about their experience in heatwaves. Using this combined data we will develop guidance to share with poeple living in council housing how to survive a heatwave.

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Date proposal received: 
Friday, 3 May, 2024
Date proposal approved: 
Tuesday, 14 May, 2024
Environment - enviromental exposure, pollution