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Please make sure you have read and understood the Access Policy before submitting a proposal. The data dictionary and variable catalogue will help you decide which data you want to apply for.

If for any reason you cannot submit your proposal online please contact alspac-exec@bristol.ac.uk.

Please see the ALSPAC website at www.bristol.ac.uk/alspac/ for more general information about the study.

You may be aware that, amongst our many fantastic collaborators, ALSPAC is strategically linked to four important cohorts which are likely to have data or research opportunities which are relevant to your research. As part of this application, we strongly encourage you to look at whether these projects may provide useful data or resources. They are:

If you do wish to use data from one of these projects then please follow the specific application procedure outlined on each of their respective websites. Requests for data originating from these projects cannot be processed as part of your ALSPAC application.