B4600 - Prenatal alcohol exposure PAE and the development of multiple risk behaviours at adolescence an ALSPAC birth cohort study - 29/04/2024

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Principal applicant name: 
James Parsonage | NIHR School for Public Health Research, Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School (United Kingdom)
Dr. Cheryl McQuire, Dr. Laura Tinner, Dr. David Troy, Caroline Taylor
Title of project: 
Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) and the development of multiple risk behaviours at adolescence: an ALSPAC birth cohort study
Proposal summary: 

Pre-natal alcohol exposure (PAE) can lead to the development of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Individuals with FASD have a range of neurodevelopmental impairments including learning difficulties, social impairment and difficulties in regulating behaviours. This study aims to understand how different levels and types of maternal alcohol consumption impact the development of multiple risk behaviours at adolescence. Multiple risk behaviours (MRBs) are typically harmful behaviours such as alcohol consumption that tend to accumulate in adolescence and may have lasting impacts on the health and wellbeing of the individual. This project is a continuation of a Public Health Masters study (B3903), to apply statistical methods to evaluate and address the impact of missing data.

Impact of research: 
Research looking at outcomes of adolescents exposed pre-natally to alcohol is limited. This research hopes to understand the effects of PAE longer term and is the first to look at MRBs as a cumulative measure, and a wider range of risk behaviours. Findings from this research will contribute to the development of maternal interventions focused on prevention and also quantify the risk of PAE to harmful behaviour development in adolescence
Date proposal received: 
Wednesday, 24 April, 2024
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 29 April, 2024
Epidemiology, Behaviour - e.g. antisocial behaviour, risk behaviour, etc., Maternal alcohol use, Statistical methods, Development