B4548 - Intergenerational education persistence and aspirations - 13/03/2024

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Principal applicant name: 
Hans van Kippersluis | Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Xinmiao Zhang
Title of project: 
Intergenerational education persistence and aspirations
Proposal summary: 

We try to understand intergenerational inequalities in education. Unraveling the process of human capital transmission over generations is fundamental to uncover the sources of inequality. Understanding the sources of inequality in turn is crucial to design and justify redistribution policies.

The process of human capital transmission is a widely researched topic in economics and social sciences. Given that parents transmit their genes to their children and expose these children to a particular environment at the same time, it is incredibly challenging to disentangle the pathways through which human capital transmission takes place. With the recent advances of social science genetics we can now have a direct measure of one’s genetic predisposition for a certain trait. In particular, we want to exploit the fact that ALSPAC contains a) genetic information on the child’s mother and father; b) detailed information on educational achievement of the child and parents; c) detailed information of the parental and peer behavior towards the child; c) educational aspirations and social network data.

Jointly, we hope to answer the question to what extent intergenerational inequality is due to genetic transmission, and environmental transmission including the educational aspirations of parents, children and their peers.

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Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 27 February, 2024
Date proposal approved: 
Wednesday, 13 March, 2024
Social Science, Behaviour - e.g. antisocial behaviour, risk behaviour, etc., Learning difficulty, Educational development, inequalities, Statistical methods, Childhood - childcare, childhood adversity, Cognition - cognitive function, Development, Fathers, Genetics, Intelligence - memory, Offspring, Parenting, Psychology - personality, Puberty