B4107 - Fathers preconception smoking and offspring DNA methylation A population-based two generation study - 18/07/2022

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Matthew Suderman | IEU, Bristol Medical School (UK)
Professor Jean Golding, Dr Sarah Watkins, Professor John Holloway, Dr Negusse Kitaba
Title of project: 
Fathers’ preconception smoking and offspring DNA methylation: A population-based two generation study
Proposal summary: 

Animal experiments suggest that exposure to toxins such as found in cigarette smoke may impact respiratory health across generations. Studies in humans are however limited. In this study, we ask if gene activity differs in children whose fathers smoked prior to them being conceived. Differences have been observed in participants of the RHINESSA study. Here we ask if similar differences are observed in ALSPAC participants.

Impact of research: 
Better understanding of the effects of paternal smoking on offspring.
Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 12 July, 2022
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 18 July, 2022
Genetic epidemiology (including association studies and mendelian randomisation), Pregnancy - e.g. reproductive health, postnatal depression, birth outcomes, etc., Microarrays, Biological samples -e.g. blood, cell lines, saliva, etc., Biomarkers - e.g. cotinine, fatty acids, haemoglobin, etc., Environment - enviromental exposure, pollution, Epigenetics, Fathers, Genetic epidemiology