B3853 - Is exposure to toxic metals impacting the health of children and young adults in England - 14/04/2022

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Principal applicant name: 
Seif Shaheen | Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)
Dr Caroline Taylor, Dr Ovnair Sepai, Dr Ian Mudway, Dr Alexander Griffiths, Dr Tim Marczylo, Prof Chris Griffiths, Prof Seeromanie Harding, Prof John Wright , Prof Amanda Waterman, Professor John Holloway
Title of project: 
Is exposure to toxic metals impacting the health of children and young adults in England?
Proposal summary: 

Pollutants such as lead, cadmium and arsenic potentially pose a threat to our health, even at low levels of exposure. Exposure before birth and in childhood may have particularly important damaging effects on the developing lungs, brain and cardiovascular system. In this project we plan to measure these pollutants in maternal urine samples taken during pregnancy and in blood samples from the offspring in childhood to see whether levels are higher in mothers and children who are less well off, and whether higher exposure before birth and/or in childhood is associated with poorer lung function, higher blood pressure, and lower IQ and educational attainment in childhood. If these pollutants are affecting children's health, they might be contributing to the poorer health seen in less well off children.

Impact of research: 
Aetiological analyses of prenatal/childhood toxic metal exposure versus child health outcomes may provide novel findings - it is thought that even low levels of lead exposure could have important health effects. Findings from this project will fill an important gap in public health knowledge, relevant to social health inequalities. The resulting database of toxic metal exposures in G0 mothers and G1 offspring could be a valuable resource for future researchers interested in studying toxic metals in relation to other health outcomes.
Date proposal received: 
Friday, 25 March, 2022
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 4 April, 2022
Epidemiology, Respiratory - asthma, Statistical methods, Nutrition - breast feeding, diet