B3988 - Exploring the suicidal drive hypothesis for psychosis - 14/02/2022

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Jamie Murphy | Ulster University (Northern Ireland)
Professor Mark Shevlin, Dr. Philip Hyland, Dr. Sarah Butter
Title of project: 
Exploring the suicidal drive hypothesis for psychosis
Proposal summary: 

A recent suicidal drive hypothesis posits that psychotic experiences (PEs) may serve to externalize internally generated and self-directed threat (i.e., self-injurious/suicidal thought/behavior [SITB]) in order to optimize survival. Preliminary investigations have attempted to demonstrate that such internal threat can both precede and inform PEs. To date findings derived from analyses of cross-sectional epidemiological data, national prospective cohort/service use data, and, prospective twin cohort data have indicated that SITB is indeed predictive of PEs. This study seeks to explore the hypothesis further.

Impact of research: 
If findings were to support the proposed hypotheses they would have the potential to revolutionize how we look at suicidality in the context of psychosis (and vice versa).
Date proposal received: 
Wednesday, 2 February, 2022
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 14 February, 2022
Mental health - Psychology, Psychiatry, Cognition, Mental health, Statistical methods, Psychology - personality