B3944 - Ribosomal DNA copy number influences birth weight - 21/12/2021

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Vardhman Rakyan | Queen Mary University of London
Dr Fran Rodriguez-Algarra
Title of project: 
Ribosomal DNA copy number influences birth weight
Proposal summary: 

Ribosomal DNA is a part of our DNA that is present as many copies (most genes are only present as two copies). Because of this reason, the rDNA is typically ignored in large scale genetic studies. We believe that the number of copies of rDNA influences a babies birth weight.

Impact of research: 
An improved understanding of the genetic basis of birth weight variation.
Date proposal received: 
Monday, 20 December, 2021
Date proposal approved: 
Tuesday, 21 December, 2021
Genetics, Birth weight, DNA sequencing, Birth outcomes, BMI, Genetics, Whole genome sequencing