B3865 - Global Lung Function Initiative Exhaled Nitric Oxide FENO Data Request - 20/09/2021

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Raquel Granell | MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (IEU) (United Kingdom)
Prof Steve Turner, Dr Sadia Haider, Dr Cole Bowerman, Dr Sanja Stanojevic
Title of project: 
Global Lung Function Initiative Exhaled Nitric Oxide (FENO) Data Request
Proposal summary: 

The Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) has collected measures of respiratory function from researchers and health care professionals from around the world and has produced reference equations for:

-Spirometry (respiratory testing) which take into account age, sex, height and race or ethnic origin;
-The Transfer Factor for Carbon Monoxide (TLCO) in the Caucasian population;
-Lung Volumes

The ERS has now approved a GLI Task Force for developing GLI reference equations for exhaled nitric oxide (FENO).

These reference equations allow studies to compare their values againts 'normal' values to aid diagnosis.

For more information about the FENO Task Force or to keep up to date with the GLI activities, you can visit the GLI website http://www.lungfunction.org/.

Impact of research: 
The equations will be published and made available to all clinicians and researchers for future studies; This publication will be referenced in most future papers involving analyses with FENO data. The ERS initiative may be newsworthy and suitable for any ALSPAC participant bulletin/website.
Date proposal received: 
Friday, 17 September, 2021
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 20 September, 2021
Epidemiology, Respiratory - asthma, Statistical methods, Statistical methods