B3827 - Lipid Profile and DNA methylation - from birth for adolescence - 12/07/2021

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Giulia Mancano | IEU, University of Bristol
Dr Gemma Sharp, Dr Janine F. Felix, Giulietta Monasso
Title of project: 
Lipid Profile and DNA methylation - from birth for adolescence
Proposal summary: 

Unfavourable lipid profile (i.e. dyslipidemia) is an established cause of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). In recent years, several CpGs sites have been found on lipid-related genes or associated with lipid profiles, supporting the hypothesis that DNA methylation (DNAm) could be involved in regulating these genes and their role in lipid-related diseases [1].

1.Hedman, A.K., et al., Epigenetic Patterns in Blood Associated With Lipid Traits Predict Incident Coronary Heart Disease Events and Are Enriched for Results From Genome-Wide Association Studies. Circ Cardiovasc Genet, 2017. 10(1).

Impact of research: 
Build evidence on the link between lipids and DNA methylation and on the mechanistic pathway linking lipids to adverse health outcomes
Date proposal received: 
Wednesday, 7 July, 2021
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 12 July, 2021
Epigenetic Epidemiology, Obesity, EWAS, Biomarkers - e.g. cotinine, fatty acids, haemoglobin, etc., Offspring