B3683 - Common maternal variants and the occurrence of Cleft in their children - 03/06/2021

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Garan Jones | Cleft Collective, Integrative Epidemiology Unit, University of Bristol (UK)
Professor Sarah Lewis, Dr. Evangelia Stergiakouli , Dr Gemma C Sharp
Title of project: 
Common maternal variants and the occurrence of Cleft in their children.
Proposal summary: 

The Cleft Collective Cohort Studies investigates the biological and environmental causes of cleft, the best treatments for cleft and the psychological impact of cleft on those affected and their families. With the help of every cleft team in the UK, up to 3,500 children and their families will be recruited into the study.

After an extensive recruitment period we are now ready to start the investigation into the genetic contributions to Cleft. With the results of our analysis of both children with Cleft and their mothers we hope to increase our knowledge of the causes of cleft and inform the best treatments. We hope that by focusing on the mother's genetics we will be able to highlight areas that have not previously been investigated in depth.

Impact of research: 
We hope to find evidence for some of the underlying mechanisms and pathways that contribute to the development of cleft in children and the effects of maternal genetics on development of the foetus.
Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 25 May, 2021
Date proposal approved: 
Thursday, 3 June, 2021
Genetic epidemiology (including association studies and mendelian randomisation), Cleft, syndromic and non-syndromic, GWAS, Microarrays, Statistical methods, Development, Dental, Face - face shape, Genetic epidemiology, Genome wide association study, Methods - e.g. cross cohort analysis, data mining, mendelian randomisation, etc.