B3739 - Prevalence of ideal cardiovascular health in preschoolers early determinants and associations with neurodevelopment - 29/03/2021

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HEUDE | INSERM (France) (France)
EMPANA Jean-Philippe, Dr, TAFFLET Muriel, Mrs, CLIMIE Rachel, Dr, CHARLES Marie-Aline,Dr
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Prevalence of ideal cardiovascular health in preschoolers, early determinants and associations with neurodevelopment
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In the context of the concept of primordial prevention, a score of ideal cardiovascular health has been defined by the American Heart Association (Lloyd Jones et al. 2010). In adults, a higher score as been associated to a Incident Cardiovascular Events, lower Cognitive Decline and Incident Dementia (van Sloten et al. 2018; Samieri et al. 2018). This score relies on the combination of “ideal” values for 7 metrics from cardiometabolic health and behaviours. Ideal values will be defined as recommended values from previous studies and/or from internal thresholds. The list of the 7 metrics entering the score is as follows: Body mass index, physical activity, healthy diet, smoking, blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol. Two sub-scores can be computed, one from the behavioural components (BMI, physical activity, diet and smoking), and the other from the clinical and biological components (blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol).

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Tuesday, 16 March, 2021
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Monday, 22 March, 2021
Epidemiology, Blood pressure, BMI, Cardiovascular, Cognition - cognitive function, Development, Nutrition - breast feeding, diet, Physical - activity, fitness, function