B3482 - Factors associated with third molar pathology and treatment in a representative population - 30/06/2020

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Rebecca Richmond | University of Bristol (United Kingdom)
Dr Tom Dudding, Dr Simon Haworth, Douglas Bruce, Mark Gormley
Title of project: 
Factors associated with third molar pathology and treatment in a representative population
Proposal summary: 

Changes in dental practice as a result of NICE “Guidance on the Extraction of Wisdom Teeth”, mean that fewer adults now have prophylactic removal of their wisdom teeth. However, recent studies have demonstrated an increase in the risk of infection, dental decay and gum disease in angled wisdom teeth or in the neighbouring teeth since the implementation of NICE guidance.

This means we are seeing an increasing number of patients who may present with disease affecting wisdom teeth or the neighbouring teeth, so there is a need therefore to identify those who are at risk of developing wisdom tooth complications and who may benefit from removal. In addition, we will better our understanding of the potential barriers to receiving appropriate wisdom tooth treatment.

Impact of research: 
The results from this study will be used to help identify those patients who are at risk of third molar (wisdom tooth) related pathology and who require prophylactic removal. As part of this we will establish the importance of host genetic factors in third molar symptoms. Prediction of third molar pathology could be very cost-effective, identifying those most in need in order to prevent the cost of managing future problems i.e. periodontitis (gum disease), dental caries (decay), infection and even sepsis. There may be similar associations with risk factors for third molar pathology and other dental diseases which would enhance the applicability of this risk prediction model.
Date proposal received: 
Friday, 12 June, 2020
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 15 June, 2020
Dentistry, Third molar (dental) pain/ infection/ treatment., Statistical methods, Dental