B3540 - Wellcome Longitudinal Population Study LPS COVID-19 Steering Group Secretariat - 17/05/2020

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Nic Timpson | University of Bristol
Professor David Porteous
Title of project: 
Wellcome Longitudinal Population Study (LPS) COVID-19 Steering Group & Secretariat
Proposal summary: 

Seeking financial support to enable a secretariat for a newly formed steering group aimed at most effectively using UK population research resources to address questions relevant to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (£120585 over 12 months).

Impact of research: 
The COVID pandemic has already demonstrated that population research resources can be aligned around a common research goal and that a modest infrastructure investment can yield an efficient response which levers value from previous funder investment. This proposal is focused on the bringing together of UK population-based resources through the explicit and real generation, administration and analysis of a multi-study COVID-19 questionnaire. It is purposefully limited to this objective, but will create a model of agile, coordinated responses to emergent questions of high public interest that no one cohort can adequately address. This is beyond the scope of the immediate priority and capacity of the Secretariat, but the box below outlines one obvious extension to the concept.
Date proposal received: 
Friday, 15 May, 2020
Date proposal approved: 
Sunday, 17 May, 2020
Research management., Infection, RNA, LPS