B3536 - Effect of adverse childhood experiences on adolescent depression anxiety and self harm An analysis in the ALSPAC cohort - 12/05/2020

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David Troy | University of Bristol (UK)
Meghana Ratna Pydi, Dr Robyn Wootton
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Effect of adverse childhood experiences on adolescent depression, anxiety and self harm: An analysis in the ALSPAC cohort
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Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have been consistently linked to psychiatric difficulties in adolescents. Individuals with at least 4 ACEs are at four times the risk of experiencing mental distress and disorder in their lives. ACEs have been estimated to contribute to approximately 30% of cases of anxiety and 40% of depression in adults in a North American sample and more than a quarter for both conditions in Europe. The combined annual costs of depression and anxiety attributed to ACEs were approximately $51 billion in Europe and $82 billion in North America. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, with significant life events and high rates of mental disorder occurring during this life stage. It is essential to assess the effect of exposure to ACEs on the severity of mental disorders at this stage in the life course.

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Monday, 11 May, 2020
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Tuesday, 12 May, 2020
Mental health - Psychology, Psychiatry, Cognition, Mental health, Statistical methods, Childhood - childcare, childhood adversity, Parenting