B3528 - Transmission Distortion in the Human Genome - 07/05/2020

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David Evans | University of Bristol; University of Queensland
George Davey Smith, Dr Gib Hemani, Shannon D'Urso, Dr Alex Havdahl, Dr Gabriel Cuellar Partida, Dr Neil Davies, Dr Laurence Howe
Title of project: 
Transmission Distortion in the Human Genome
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Transmission distortion refers to deviation from the normal 50:50 transmission of alleles from parents to offspring. Departures from this ratio can arise from a number of processes including ‘meiotic drive’ where one allele is preferentially transmitted during meiosis, differences in the fertility or viability of gametes, differences in the survival of the embryo, and artefacts due to the selection of the study sample. The identification of loci which exhibit transmission distortion is not only of substantial biological interest, but is also desirable for the correct interpretation of genetic linkage and association studies.

NB. To be clear we already have the ALSPAC GWAS data required to perform the analyses listed as part of this project and so do not need to be sent any additional data. We are merely requesting permission to conduct analyses and for new staff to access the data.

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Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 5 May, 2020
Date proposal approved: 
Thursday, 7 May, 2020
Genetic epidemiology (including association studies and mendelian randomisation), GWAS, Genetic epidemiology, Genetics, Genome wide association study, Offspring