B3088 - Metabolic profile of prediabetes using genetic susceptibility and repeat metabolomics to inform early detection - 29/03/2018

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Joshua Bell | IEU
Dr Emma Vincent, Dr Caroline Bull, Prof Nicholas Timpson, Dr Marc Gunter
Title of project: 
Metabolic profile of prediabetes: using genetic susceptibility and repeat metabolomics to inform early detection
Proposal summary: 

Type 2 diabetes develops for many years before it is diagnosed. Using data from ALSPAC offspring, we aim in this study to harness genetic susceptibility to adult type 2 diabetes and detailed metabolic profiling to better understand the early stages of diabetes development that are detectable in blood. This will involve describing associations of a genetic risk score comprised of hundreds of genetic variants for adult type 2 diabetes with hundreds of metabolic traits from targeted metabolomics at four key stages of early life – childhood (age 8y), adolescence (age 15y), early adulthood (age 18y), and formal adulthood (age 25y) – to view subtle changes in metabolism over time which precede the onset of clinical diabetes. Recognizing the early signs of diabetes is vital for early detection and for preventing downstream cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Impact of research: 
The likely output of this research will be at least one publication in a general medical or epidemiology journal, the impact of which may be theoretical advancement in active research fields of metabolism and diabetes, and recommendations for clinical practice.
Date proposal received: 
Thursday, 22 March, 2018
Epidemiology, Diabetes, Metabolomics, Metabolic - metabolism