B34 - The determination of affective and cognitive outcomes of primary school children in Avon - 01/10/2001

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Dr Leon Feinstein (University of Michigan, USA)
Title of project: 
The determination of affective and cognitive outcomes of primary school children in Avon.
Proposal summary: 

The children in the ALSPAC cohort are now entering secondary school. The work already done in establishing the dataset means that there is now a unique opportunity to study in robust, quantitative and ground-breaking terms a number of crucial issues in the educational development of UK children. These studies will have important scientific benefits and implications for current and future Government policy. However, it is necessary to move quickly if the opportunity of putting the appropriate questions to the right individuals at the right times is not to be lost.

Other data collection will be occurring in ALSPAC through this phase, particularly in the fields of psychiatry and medicine and the investments made by related funding councils and others provide a platform for investments in educational research using ALSPAC.

A particular focus of the secondary school data collection in ALSPAC will be the motivation, engagement and attainments of pupils. Data collection will also concentrate on the impact on these aspects of development of family, school, policy and wider social factors. Planned reforms to the British education system for 14-19 year olds can be monitored by their impacts on this cohort of children. Social class differences in the process of engagement, choice and attainment of pupils can also be examined and quantified.

Date proposal received: 
Monday, 1 October, 2001
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 1 October, 2001
Autism, Education, Motor Co-ordination, Neurology, Vision, Cognitive Function
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