B97 - The epidemiology outcomes of psychosis-like symptoms in children - 01/02/2003

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Prof Glynn Harrison (University of Bristol, UK)
Prof David Gunnell (University of Bristol, UK), Prof Glyn Lewis (University of Bristol, UK), Prof Dieter Wolke (University of Warwick, UK)
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The epidemiology & outcomes of psychosis-like symptoms in children.
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There has been considerable recent interest in 'non-clinical' psychotic symptoms in adults and children. The Dunedin study, the only birth cohort to have investigated this, reported a prevalence of 14.1% in 11 year olds. There was a strong association (OR 16.4) between psychosis-like symptoms (PLIKS) in children and subsequent development of adult schizophreniform disorder, and PLIKS were also associated with other childhood developmental impairments. The Dunedin cohort was a relatively small (n=761) and low powered study. The 14,138 person ALSPAC birth cohort (now aged 11) presents a unique opportunity to investigate the nature, prevalence, and epidemiology of psychosis-like symptoms in childhood and adolescence.

Date proposal received: 
Saturday, 1 February, 2003
Date proposal approved: 
Saturday, 1 February, 2003
Personality, PLIKS, Self-harm, Sleep, Psychosis
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