B284 - Stepfamilies single parent families and childrens development and adjustment Sub-study supervised by Judy Dunn Institute of Psychiatry Avon Brothers and Sister Study - 01/01/2000

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Prof Judy Dunn (King's College London, UK)
Prof Jean Golding (University of Bristol, UK), Dr Tom O'Connor (University of Rochester Medical Centre, USA)
Title of project: 
Stepfamilies, single parent families and children's development and adjustment. Sub-study supervised by Judy Dunn, Institute of Psychiatry (Avon Brothers and Sister Study).
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Children in single-parent and step-families have higher rates of problems in adjustment, education and health than those in non step-families, yet individual dfferences are marked. This programme of research is focused on the issue of which individuals are most vulnerable, to identify significant sources of risk and support in relation to the mental and physical health of children and parents.

Date proposal received: 
Saturday, 1 January, 2000
Date proposal approved: 
Saturday, 1 January, 2000
Parenting, Social Conditions
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