B350 - Mini-Satellite Mutations in Parents of Children with Cancer Follow-on from A85 - 20/04/2006

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Dr Graham Malcolm Taylor (University of Manchester, UK)
Mr Anthony Oojageer (University of Manchester, UK), Mr Marcin Cieslak (University of Manchester, UK)
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Mini-Satellite Mutations in Parents of Children with Cancer Follow-on from A85.
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We previously received DNA samples from 110 ALSPAC family trios to determine the frequency of germline minisatellite mutations. These were screened for mutations in the CEB1 minisatellite locus and genotypes obtained from 60 families. Following modification of the genotyping method the family trios were re-screened, and genotypes were obtained from 52 families. In a significant number of cases (n=50), no amplification from at least 1 family member prevented us from obtaining a genotype. We belive that this was due to an insufficient amount of DNA. We now wish to assemble a set of genotypes from 200 ALSPAC families. Although DNA from blood samples would be preferable, DNA from LCL might suffice as long as we can establish that a "germline" mutation is not in fact a somatic mutation caused by the establishment of the cell line. We are thus requesting DNA from 148 families, which could include material from the 50 families that originally failed to amplify. In addition, we would like to test samples derived from LCL made from 20 of the 52 genotyped families, so that we can check that the genotypes are the same. In all therefore, we are requesting DNA from 168 family trios, either from LCL or native DNA.

Date proposal received: 
Thursday, 20 April, 2006
Date proposal approved: 
Thursday, 20 April, 2006
Cancer, Genetics
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