B494 - A longitudinal study of emotional symptoms based on the SDQ - 14/05/2007

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Dr Jon Heron (Not used 0, Not used 0)
Dr Carol Joinson (Not used 0, Not used 0)
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A longitudinal study of emotional symptoms based on the SDQ
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We are currently in the process of applying to the ESRC for a grant to fit longitudinal models to the repeated MFQ depression measures administered to both the mother (in child-based questionnaires) and to the child (in the clinic).

We feel that whether or not this grant is successful (we expect to hear by the autumn) it will be useful to have carried out some preliminary work using SDQ measures (47mn, 81mn, 9/11/13 years). These measures will avoid many of the methodogical problems expected when using the MFQ, and we anticipate the fifth of these measures to become available within the next few months.

Consequently we are proposing to fit a series of Longituginal Latent Class Analysis (LLCA) and Latent Class Growth Analysis (LCGA) models to these repeat measures, much in the same way as the recent asthma and bedwetting models and that this would stand up as a paper in it's own right.

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Monday, 14 May, 2007
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 14 May, 2007
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