B547 - CCR5 delta 32 mutation and immune related outcomes Is there a link - 05/06/2007

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Dr Martin R??sli (University of Bern, Switzerland, Europe)
Prof George Davey Smith (University of Bristol, UK), Prof Matthias Egger (University of Bern, Switzerland, Europe), Prof Claudia Kuenhi (University of Bern, Switzerland, Europe)
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CCR5 delta 32 mutation and immune related outcomes: Is there a link?
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The aim of this study is to investigate whether the CCR5 ?32 mutation is associated with immune related phenotypic outcome. It was proposed that abrogation of CCR5 bias the immune system toward a T-helper-2-driven response(Lucotte and Mercier, 1998). As a consequence we hypothesize that the presence of a CCR5?32 mutation is negatively correlated with the incidence of viral childhood infections and positively correlated with atopic disorders. Corresponding phenotypic outcomes will be obtained from the child-based questionnaires completed by a parent at different ages as well as from biological samples (e.g. skin prick test, IgE). Effect modification by environmental exposure will be investigated. The data will be analyzed using established statistical methods for genetic studies, primarily via regression models adjusted for potential confounding factors. Potential population admixture will be allowed for in the analysis.

Genotyping will be done until end of July. Subsequently the analysis will be performed. The results will published in a scientific journal.

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Tuesday, 5 June, 2007
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Tuesday, 5 June, 2007
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