B588 - Alspac maths data - 30/11/2007

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Deborah Wilson (Dept of Children Families & Schools, Sheffield, UK)
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Alspac maths data
Proposal summary: 

We want to us ALSPAC maths data as we feel that information on maths and maths teachers is particularly strong. Young people's attitudes to maths have been examined at different stages in their lives, and their ability has been tested through independent tests in years 4, 6 and 8 (covering specific domains of maths). In addition, there have been surveys of maths teachers' experience and attitudes in the main ALSPAC schools (in KS3) which could be linked to individual pupil data. None of this data has yet been analysed. Our understanding is that the data for assessments at Year 4 and Year 6 are now available, but Year 8 needs additional funding to clean and release the data, as does the data from the maths teacher questionnaires in 2002/3 and 2004/5, and the linking of questionnaires from teachers to children.

Once this data is available we intend to commission a separate analysis project. This will be competively tendered. The successful tenderer will require access to the data.

There are three possible areas for analysis:

* Young people's experience - using the questionnaires and independent assessments to examine how the young people have developed capability and confidence in maths, either looking at evidence throughout their lives (up to 14 or 16) or just at change between Y4-Y8.

* Teachers' experience - using the teachers' questionnaires to look at teacher attitudes and relating these to their school circumstances, stress and confidence

* Linking teacher and child experience - how teacher experience and attitudes link to child enjoyment, engagement and ability.

Funding may be available this financial year to make this data available. Please advise on timetable and costs.

Date proposal received: 
Friday, 30 November, 2007
Date proposal approved: 
Friday, 30 November, 2007
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