B613 - FADS2 SNPs omega-3 fatty acids and childrens mental development - 01/02/2008

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Dr Pauline Emmett (University of Bristol, UK)
Prof Jean Golding (University of Bristol, UK), Alex Richardson (Not used 0, Not used 0), Prof George Davey Smith (University of Bristol, UK)
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FADS2 SNPs, omega-3 fatty acids and children's mental development
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Aims and Objectives

*1. In the proposed study funded by the Waterloo Foundation we will (a) assay the maternal and infant DNA for the two SNPs that Caspi considered in regard to breast feeding and IQ (rs174575 and rs 1535). (b) take the statistical models used for the ALSPAC study which showed associations between maternal seafood intake and childhood cognitive and behavioural outcomes (see Lancet paper of 2007) and determine whether such relationships are conditional upon the maternal or infant genotypes; and (c) test the finding of Caspi et al in regard to a breast feeding effect on IQ only apparent if the child has a particular genotype.

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Friday, 1 February, 2008
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Friday, 1 February, 2008
Diet, Eating disorders
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