Monitoring the status of your project proposal

After you have submitted your project proposal, you can monitor it's status by clicking on the 'Your drafts/previously submitted proposals' link that is displayed under the 'Navigation' menu on the left hand side of the website. All your proposals will be displayed on this screen in a table with columns such as 'Title' and 'Request status'.

Status of project proposals

Clicking on values in the 'Title' column will display the submitted details of a project proposal. The 'Request status' will have one of the following values:

  • Awaiting approval
  • Approved
  • Not yet approved

Project proposals are coloured as follows:

  • Green: project proposal has been approved, and data has been given to the researcher
  • Red: the project proposal has been rejected
  • White/no colour: the project proposal is being processed

When your proposal is approved/rejected by the ALSPAC Executive Committee, you will be notified of this decision by email. If your project proposal has been approved, and it specified a person to whom we should send invoices to, that person may be contacted by a member of the university finance staff. After any requested payments have been received from you, a data buddy will contact you in order to arrange delivery of your requested data.