How to create a project proposal

Access the 'Create project proposal' page

When you log into the online proposal system, a link called 'Create new project proposal' will appear under the 'Navigation' menu on the left hand side of the website. Clicking on this link brings you to the 'Project proposal' page. This is a multi-page form which allows you to specify the details of a research project you wish to conduct using ALSPAC data. The workflow for filling out this form is displayed in the diagram below.

Flowchart for filling out project proposal form

Page 1: Fill in Principal applicant/co-applicant(s) details

The first page of the 'Project proposal' web form contains fields which should be filled with the details of the applicant(s) for a proposal.

First page of 'Create project proposal' form

The 'Save Draft' button on the bottom of each page can be used to save the details that you have entered: you can then return to this proposal application at a later time and continue filling out the form.

Page 2: Fill in proposal details....

On this page, you enter information about your research project, such as the title of your project, start/end dates for your research, funding details, contact details for the person who will be invoiced if payment is required, etc.

Page 3: Proposal details (continued)....

More detailed information about the research you wish to conduct using ALSPAC data is entered on page 3 of the form, e.g. aims and objectives, methods, exposures, outcomes and confounders, etc. On this page, you can also select from lists of keywords to describe your proposal.

Selecting keywords to describe your proposal

Page 4: Please specify the data you want...

This section allows you to specify in detail which existing ALSPAC data your project requires. You can request the following types of existing data:

  • Existing questionnaire data
  • Existing clinic data
  • Existing data from biological samples (not genetic)
  • Existing genome-wide SNP genotype and sequencing data
  • Existing Methylation Data
  • Linkage data (e.g. education/health/police records)
  • Address Data
  • Text data

On this page you can also specify details of new data you wish to receive (e.g. questionnaire/clinic/sub-study/new data from existing biological samples etc.), and you can also request access to biological samples other than DNA.

Page 5: Terms and conditions

On the last page of the 'Project proposal' form, you must agree to a number of conditions relating to the usage of ALSPAC data. After you have previewed and submitted your project proposal, you should see a screen confirming your submission. Your proposal will then be reviewed by the ALSPAC Executive Committee.