How to amend a project proposal

A successfully approved proposal can be subsequently amended. Click on the 'Amend approved proposal' link under the 'Navigation' menu on the left hand side of the screen.

Selecting the proposal you wish to amend

The following question is displayed on the 'Amend approved proposal' form:

Does the proposal you wish to amend predate this online system (i.e. was it submitted before 26th June 2015)?

A 'Yes/No' drop-down box is provided for answering this question. By default, this drop-down box is set to 'No', i.e. it is assumed that an amendment to a proposal submitted via the OPS is being submitted. The 'Select proposal to amend...' drop-down box contains the names and B numbers of your previously approved proposals. Select the proposal you wish to amend, and press the 'Next page' button.

However, users can also submit amendments to 'legacy' proposals which were submitted to ALSPAC before this online proposal system was in place (i.e. before 26th June 2015). If the user selects 'Yes' from the drop-down box used to indicate if the proposal they wish to amend predates the online proposal system, the drop-down box listing their submitted proposals is replaced with text fields where the B number and title of a proposal they wish to amend, and the data buddy previously assigned to their proposal, can be specified.

Specifying an amendment to a 'legacy' proposal submitted before the existence of the online proposal system

After specifying the proposal you wish to amend, you will then be brought to a further screen, where you can enter details of the amendment you wish to make to your proposal. This screen is very similar to the page on the proposal webform where the precise details of data/samples required by a researcher are specified. The amendment form allows a number of other requests to be added to an amendment, such as adding co-applicants to a proposal, changing the project start/finish date, etc.

Specifying the amendment to the proposal

After you submit this webform, your amendment will then be reviewed by ALSPAC staff, and you will be informed when a decision has been made to approve/reject your amendment.