Creating an account on the online project proposal system

In order to access the online proposal system, you must request the creation of a user account. A visitor to the site who is not logged in will see a link called 'Create new account' on the bottom of the 'Navigation' menu on the left hand side of the website. Clicking on this link will bring you to the 'User account' page. Here you can specify a username for your account, and your e-mail address. A 'reCaptcha' test is used to prevent spammers and automated bots from attempting to create an account: this test requires the user to answer questions about an image that is displayed (see the screenshot below).

The 'Create new account' page

If you have provided a username and an e-mail address which are not currently in use, and you passed the 'reCaptcha' test, when you press the 'Create new account' button the following message will be displayed:

"A welcome message with further instructions has been sent to your e-mail address."

A site administrator will be alerted by email of your request. The adminstrator will decide whether to approve or reject your application. You will be notified by email of the outcome of this decision.