B4333 - The association between maternal-related diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring an ALSPAC database study - 31/05/2023

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TaoXiong | West China Second University Hospital,Sichuan University (China)
Title of project: 
The association between maternal-related diseases and neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring: an ALSPAC database study
Proposal summary: 

Maternal-related diseases affect the development of offspring nervous system. However, there are currently some limitations in the research on this topic, such as small sample sizes, short observation periods, lack of long-term follow-up, unconsidered confounding factors and interactions, etc. To overcome these limitations, our study plans to use the large-scale population cohort data in ALSPAC, adopt advanced statistical methods and causal inference methods, systematically analyze the strength of the association and causal effects of maternal-related diseases between neurodevelopmental disorders in offspring, and explore possible mechanisms and intervention measures.

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Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 16 May, 2023
Date proposal approved: 
Wednesday, 24 May, 2023
Clinical research/clinical practice, Allergy, Behaviour - e.g. antisocial behaviour, risk behaviour, etc., Developmental disorders - autism, Cognitive impairment, Eczema, Hypertension, Infection, Mental health, Pregnancy - e.g. reproductive health, postnatal depression, birth outcomes, etc., Computer simulations/modelling/algorithms, Statistical methods, Cognition - cognitive function, Development