B4267 - The importance of family relationships over time for childrens adjustment - 06/03/2023

B number: 
Principal applicant name: 
Bonamy Oliver | IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, Department of Psychology and Human Development
Dr Alison Pike, Ms Susanne Peter
Title of project: 
The importance of family relationships over time for children's adjustment
Proposal summary: 

Family environments including relationships between parents and children are crucial for psychological adjustment and mental-health across childhood and adolescence. Parent reports as well as parent and child behaviours during their interpersonal interactions ("transactional" dynamics) are seen as particularly important. Moreover, the onset of mental health problems can disrupt previously healthy parent-child transactional dynamics. The aim of this project, which is an extension of the existing project B2159, is to explore family relationships (siblings and parents) from early to late development and their importance for children's adjustment.

Impact of research: 
This project is an extension to the existing project B2159. Findings will be published in academic journals as well as being used through a knowledge exchange funded grant to produce research findings (no data will be shared, statistical findings only) that will be presented as part of continuous professional development for clinicians. The project aims to examine the utility of this information in clinical contexts.
Date proposal received: 
Tuesday, 21 February, 2023
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 6 March, 2023
Mental health - Psychology, Psychiatry, Cognition, Behaviour - e.g. antisocial behaviour, risk behaviour, etc., Mental health, Statistical methods, Development, Parenting, Siblings