B3722 - Associations of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Body Composition Physical Activity and Sedentary Time with Cardiometabolic risks - 22/02/2021

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Principal applicant name: 
Andrew O. Agbaje | University of Eastern Finland (Finland)
Samuel Barmi, RN, MPH, Prof. Alan R. Barker, Prof. Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen
Title of project: 
Associations of Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Composition, Physical Activity and Sedentary Time with Cardiometabolic risks
Proposal summary: 
Impact of research: 
Our research has the potential to improve understanding of the physiological mechanism and epidemiology of disease evolution.
Date proposal received: 
Monday, 22 February, 2021
Date proposal approved: 
Monday, 22 February, 2021
Epidemiology, Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Statistical methods, Biological samples -e.g. blood, cell lines, saliva, etc., Blood pressure, BMI, Cardiovascular, Cohort studies - attrition, bias, participant engagement, ethics, Childhood - childcare, childhood adversity, Physical - activity, fitness, function, Puberty, Sex differences, Statistical methods